Agricultural Fencing

All forms of agricultural fencing provided using only the highest quality materials. We find the right solution for the livestock you keep and all variations in your terrain including stock fencing, permanent electrified fencing, deer netting. Our specialist machinery and expertise means we can erect large amounts of stock fencing very quickly and efficiently

Where possible we would always look to install high tensile wire in combination with Box straining assemblies. Box strainers are a much stronger straining assembly than a standard “strutted” straining post. With a box strainer at every major change of direction we can pull the high tensile fencing much tighter, ensuring stock is kept safe and secure.

We are experts at post and rail fencing. Strong, robust fencing using the best materials and installation that will look great and last. We cover every detail such as fully galvanised 100mm ring shank nails so rails cannot come off. We can add any extras you need for the complete solution, such as horse or sheep netting or strands of electrified wire.

We use low ground pressure machines to minimise ground disturbance, are fully insured and our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Equine Fencing

We specialise in all forms of equine fencing including post and rail, horse mesh or permanent electrified wire systems. We welcome all projects from re-fencing small areas to the largest scale fencing of new areas.

We only work with the very best materials, carefully researched and selected to meet each project’s exact and individual requirements.

We are the UK’s only registered installer of VossFarming Equine fencing, the highest quality German equine fencing solution. VossFarming’s Mustang Wire is specifically made for horses and consists of a high tensile steel core coated with high visibility plastic and radial carbon fibre conductors.

We are also a registered Octopost installer & stockist. Slow-grown near the arctic circle for added strength then kiln-dried and creosoted, these posts are guaranteed against rot for 25 years.

This combination will provide a system that will outlast anything else on the market. Teamed with our exacting standards of workmanship which is guaranteed for 10 years, this is the hard-working and long-term solution you have been looking for.

We are driven by what can be achieved when work is done properly using the best materials and the highest attention to detail and expertise.

Our Tracked post knocker with low ground pressure tracks can tackle the biggest jobs with the minimum ground disturbance even in the wettest conditions and the steepest, boggiest locations.

We also cover all aspects of Equine field drainage. Combatting surface water with effective drainage is vital to cope with equestrian use and help grass last so much longer so get in touch to discuss our solutions. Our mission is to get your equine areas performing at their very best, with the highest quality materials, perfect construction and effective land drainage.